Services provided
Behan & Associates through our experienced, professional team of Legal Costs Accountants are in a position to provide a full comprehensive Legal Costs Accountancy service across the whole spectrum of Legal Costs.  These services include the following:

  • Written opinions on Costs
  • Drawing itemised Bills of Costs – party and party and solicitor and client
  • Opposing and negotiating reductions on claims for Costs
  • A full Taxation/Adjudication service which includes representation on Taxation of Costs before the Taxing Masters and County Registrars throughout the country
  • Appeals from Taxation of Costs by way of objections and Motions to Review
  • Preparation of summary Bills of Costs
  • Representation on  Costs Mediation/Arbitration
  • Mediation services
  • Practice valuations
  • Security for Costs reports
  • Telephone advices
  • In house Costs seminars
  • Provision of in house courier service (Dublin and environs only)

We pride ourselves on providing a fast efficient service. Typically we would envisage being in a position to provide opinions on costs/written advices on average within 7 days. The timeline for the preparation of a Bill of Costs is dependent on a number of factors.  In our view it is wholly unrealistic for any Legal Costs Accountant to give a guaranteed turnaround time for every Bill of Costs as the time that it takes to prepare a Bill of Costs is dependent upon the nature of the case and principally the amount of documentation contained in the practitioner’s file which in all cases is fully read and considered by the Legal Costs Accountants in Behan & Associates. What we can say with certainty is that work will commence on the preparation of the Bill of Costs within a period of circa 21 days of receipt of the file.

All correspondence received is typically answered within 24 hours of receipt.

As Legal Costs Accountants we essentially act as agents of the legal practitioner in respect of the Taxation/adjudication of the party’s Costs.  In addition, therefore, to the preparation of the itemised Bill of Costs drawn in accordance with the provisions of the Superior Court rules we would issue all salient Court documentation including the Summons to Tax, we will arrange service of the Summons and Bill of Costs, following on the Taxation/adjudication we will deal with all certification requirements leading to a situation where you will ultimately receive a Certificate of Taxation which will certify the amount of Costs as assessed by the Taxing Master/County Registrar.

Our fees
Our fees are charged on a case by case basis having regard to the nature and extent of the work required and the nature of the instruction received. For a competitive fee quote contact any member of the team.